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How to Avoid Cracks on Your Smartphone Screen

16 Jul 2023

The screen is the most sensitive part of your smartphone, especially in an era touchscreen technology.

Smartphone Screen is Delicate and Vulnerable

You can malfunction its response system just by pressing your smartphone between your palms. Imagine what damage would a “fall on the floor” incident would cause to it!

It can even cause your phone to act weird.

If you give a close look, you’d notice that 6-7 out of 10 people you meet have some kind of crack or damage on their smartphone screen. That simply explains that it is very common for your smartphone to slip out of hands and drop on the ground.

Despite all your efforts to keep your phone safe, there are times when you drop your device on the floor or some other hard surface, and end up getting a crack on your smartphone screen.

Well, there is nothing to feel guilty about it. There are some smartphone accessories that can help you lower the chances of such types of damages, and ensure that your phone stays safe and functional for years.

Use a Screen Guard –

Also known as screen protector, a screen guard is a thin, protective, clear sheet made of polyurethane or glass. This sheet can be applied on the screen of your smartphone, where it works as a protective shield.

When your phone hits a hard surface such as floor, table top, kitchen counter, or anything, this protective screen will take the impact and receive the damage. It will protect your screen from cracks.

When it gets damaged, you can easily get the screen protector sheet replaced at a low price (which can be as low as Rs. 50 in local markets). This way, you can save thousands of rupees on screen replacement.

Use a Flip Cover –

To maximize the protection, you can consider casing your phone in a perfect-fit flip cover, designed for your smartphone brand and model. Meaning, if you have a Redmi Note 11T 5G smartphone, then you should use a flip cover for Redmi Note 11T 5G smartphone only. Flip cover of some other model or brand will not fit it.

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