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A brief look at smartphone buying trends in 2022

16 Jul 2023

Since past few years, the market for smartphone covers has been surging year by year. People now seem equally interested in using different styles of flip covers and cases on their phone as getting a new phone.

While purchasing a new phone

In fact, an study suggests that a large number of people buy cover and screen guard whiling buying a new smartphone. That simply brings into light that how important smartphone accessories are for buyers.

Buying different styles of cases and covers

Some smartphone users invest in 2 to 3 smartphone covers, so they can change their style for different occasions. Yes, you read that right. Flip covers and cases are also thing that add to your style. They give you a chance to flaunt your unique fashion sense.

If you too are a fashion buff, you can consider buying smartphone covers of trending styles. So, you can switch the look of your smartphone everywhere you go – for instance, a rugged smartphone back case for college, a smartphone cover with LED display, and a flip cover with storage when are outdoors or travelling.

Local phone market or giant ecommerce stores?

To understand whether people buy smartphone covers from local market or from ecommerce platforms, we will need to discuss a few things here. These include –

The budget or the price of the phone cover is a major deciding factor. Those who look for just a cover, and those who have any specific requirements, the people who just want a basic cover for their smartphone, often prefer buying it from a mobile accessory shop in nearby.

However, if you price is flexible and if an individual is looking for a unique style of cover, they will broaden their search, and scan through local shops and ecommerce stores to find a cover that appeals to them most. They might even have multiple phones bookmarked in their cart. They will compare the price being offered on ecommerce portal and local store, and buy the cover from a place that gives them the best price. This is an example of a smart smartphone user!

Durability also matters

Apart from looks, people want their phone to work for somewhere about a couple of years. For this, they want to equip their phone with a cover, flip cover, or case that is hard and durable, and helps keep their phone protected from all sides against damages and dirt.

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