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5 Top Selling Smartphone Cases in 2022

16 Jul 2023

A smartphone is incomplete without its case. A case or cover not only protects the phone from potential damage, but also potentiates its look, apart from adding a lot of conveniences in your everyday life.

This blog talks about 5 best-selling (styles or types of) smartphone cases that are going to rule the year 2022. Check out the following –

Designer Leather Black Flip Cover with Magnetic Button


This iPhone 12 cover gives you flat 50% off on your first order. But that’s not it. This wallet-like smartphone case gives you a chance to travel like a pro.

And its magnetic button does not lose its strength and functionality as the locks of other cases do.

Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy M32 5G - Leather Finish Back Case (Brown)


With Samsung smartphones, covers of this style work perfectly well. The case has been designed to protect your expensive device from scratches and different types of damages.

The strategically-designed storage allows for keeping multiple cards and cash in your phone case. When you are at a shop, you don’t need to take out your wallet; just open your phone case and hand over the card or cash to the vendor.

It definitely is a convenience for you!

Flip Cover for OnePlus Nord CE 5g - Leather Finish Back Case (Black)


2022 is going to be the year when 5G data services roll out. And this will also be the year when the sale of 5G smartphones will catch pace.

So, how about a cool flip cover for your 5G smartphone!

This cover is suitable for OnePlus Nord CE 5G, and it provides your smartphone with 360-degree protection from all sides.

Flip Cover for Oppo F19s - Leather Finish Back Case (Blue)


This blue flip cover with leather finish makes a great companion for your Oppo F19s smartphone. There is a cool offer too on this cool blue back case – buy 2 or more cases, and get 10% off.

The texture of its faux leather fabric provides a good grip while you hold it in your hand.

Flip Cover for Vivo Y20T - Leather Finish Back Case (Brown)


Vivo smartphones are indeed beautiful. But your Vivo Y20T will look more beautiful when you gear it up with a flip cover case with classic leather texture.

This anti-slip, shock and impact-resistant smartphone cover is able to protect your phone from all sides.


If you take care of your phone by using a good-quality, beautiful smartphone flip cover in 2022, your smartphone will look as good as new in 2024 and beyond!

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