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3 Cool Cases for Samsung Galaxy M42 5G Smartphone

16 Jul 2023

Samsung Galaxy M42 5G Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy M42 5G is the first 5G smartphone from Samsung M Series. So far, it is the cheapest smartphone from Samsung to support 5th Generation cellular technology.

The gadget is available in two variants – 6GB RAM and 8GB Rams - priced at Rs. 21,999 and Rs 23,999, respectively. The smartphone comes inbuilt with a 128GB storage, which you can expand up to 1TB using a microSD card.

Affordable, yet expensive for entry- or mid-level buyers

Without a doubt, Samsung Galaxy M42 5G is an affordable smartphone. However, it may not be a preferred choice for first time buyers or those with a tight budget.

That’s the reason why a large number of buyers pick this smartphone on credit or debit card EMIs. This one way or another increases the in-hand cost of their device by Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000.

And if you have just bought this Samsung smartphone, you wouldn’t want it to get damaged or catch stains at any cost, would you? No, you wouldn’t.

You could use a flip cover/case to protect your Samsung Galaxy M42 5G smartphone from damages of different kind.

Here are three Samsung smartphone flip covers for Galaxy M42 5G model –


Leather Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy M42 | All-in-One Protection | Black brings to you a black, stylish cover for your Samsung Galaxy M42 5G smartphone. This magnetic flip cover is designed to fit your smartphone perfectly.

The cover comes in matte leather finish, which gives you a good grip, and helps prevent slipping. The case is also able to cover your smartphone from all dimensions.


Leather Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy M42 | Stand & Card Slots | Brown


This brown Samsung smartphone cover adds a leather-like texture to your Samsung Galaxy M42 5G. It comes with desirable features likes shock-absorbance and slip-resistance to shield your phone from slips, falls, and impacts.

Due to its color, this flip cover does not look muddied even after catching dust and dirt for months. To shine it up, you could consider applying a clear polish on it.


Samsung Galaxy M42 Leather Flip Case | Stylish & Durable | Blue


This blue-colored Samsung smartphone case with magnetic button enhances your style and convenience at the same time.

Made from solid faux leather, the cover protects your phone not only from damages but also from stains, dust, and dirt. Even if the phone drops off your hands, there are fewer chances that your phone will receive any damage. However, we advise that you should always take care of your phone.

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